Turnkey import/export

This service is for companies that do not have their own logistics department or the import/export managers, and for companies that need additional labor supply during peak periods of delivery.

We are strong in the organization of foreign economic deliveries, including project and outsize cargo, optimization of import and export chain, combining extensive long-term experience, well-established contacts, both in Ukraine and abroad, our own customs brokers and the integrated approach.

Contact us and you will be relieved from having to delve into the intricacies of foreign economic activity, maintain staff of experts, waste time and nerves to communicate with customs authorities, search for transport companies and solve other issues.

IMPORT SERVICE GROUP takes to outsourcing the whole process of organizing the import of your goods and provides:

  • Integrated organization of door-to-door import deliveries;
  • Calculation of the transaction profitability;
  • Contracts preparation and coordination of all details with foreign counterparts;
  • Preparation and execution of shipping and commercial documents;
  • Arranging shipping the customer’s goods;
  • Certification services and services for obtaining approval documents for customs clearance;
  • Preparation of information and documents necessary to the customs broker for customs clearance;
  • Customs clearance (customs broker services);
  • Consulting and information services.

The advantage of transmitting import deliveries to us for outsourcing is that you no longer need to constantly carry the cost of maintaining your own logistics department. You use our services as and when necessary, which is especially efficient solution for companies with non-regular deliveries.

We offer you our whole vast experience in cargo deliveries of all kinds which is difficult to acquire within a single company.

As a result, you get advantageous, reliable and convenient service, which helps to reduce logistics costs and the growth of your company competitiveness. 

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