Transportation of oversized goods

Негабаритные перевозки грузов

This is the most complicated and interesting type of transportation, which is characterized by high requirements for each stage of transportation. Oversized goods can be bulky or heavy, and bulky and heavy at the same time.

IMPORT SERVICE GROUP оhas years of experience in transportation of construction and agricultural machinery, equipment and project cargoes by road and sea transport from Europe, USA, China and the CIS.

We deliver oversized goods:

  • International oversized goods transportation from Europe to Ukraine;
  • Oversized road transportation across Europe;
  • Road transportation across Ukraine and Kyiv;
  • Sea transportation from USA, Asia, China;
  • Multimodal transportations (combining several means of transport).

We offer:

  • The best way of transportation, loading/unloading;
  • The most appropriate transport and route;
  • Coordination of the entire transportation process from loading to unloading;
  • Organization of reshipping, storage and clearance outside Ukraine;
  • Guarantees of delivery terms and cargo safety.

Please contact our experts by phone or schedule an appointment to request the transportation cost and specify the terms of cooperation.

Transportations of oversized goods with us mean best prices, reliability and precise delivery terms!

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