IMPORT SERVICE GROUP provides a full range of logistics and transportation services, among which the international transportation from Europe, USA, Asia and the CIS to Ukraine plays the most significant role.

We have years of experience in the delivery of goods of all kinds and offer our clients a variety of shipping options to select the most appropriate transportation method based on the given task..

Our strong points:

  • We approach the transportation arrangement as a component of the entire import supply;
  • We take into account the many nuances of loading/unloading, processing of shipping documents and the route, which directly affect the customs clearance and the final result in general;
  • We choose the most appropriate transportation method, means of transport and coordinate the entire process from loading to unloading;
  • We organize overload, storage and clearance outside Ukraine;
  • We use only proven transport and shipping companies, which makes delivery as reliable and accurate as possible.

We carry out the international transport of goods by the following transport means:

Road transportation:

  • International road transportations by individual cars from all over Europe and the CIS;
  • Delivery of groupage cargoes from Europe;
  • Delivery of goods to Kyiv and throughout Ukraine;
  • Oversized transportation of construction and agricultural machinery and equipment.

Sea and multimodal transportations from USA, China, Asia:

  • Container transportation via Odessa/Illichivsk and ports of Germany, Poland, the Baltic countries;
  • Delivery of groupage cargoes in containers;
  • Multimodal transportations (combining several means of transport);
  • Oversized transportation of construction and agricultural machinery and equipment.

Cargo consolidation in the European warehouses:

  • Delivery of goods within Europe;
  • Consolidation and reshipping of goods in warehouses of Germany, Poland, Italy;
  • Customs clearance in Europe.

Please contact our experts by phone or schedule an appointment to request the transportation cost and specify the terms of cooperation.

Transportations with us mean best prices, reliability and precise delivery terms!

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