Delivery of furniture from Europe and the USA at best rates

МWe offer services on delivery of furniture and interior items from Europe and the USA.

For large batches of goods, we provide direct delivery from factories to the recipient's warehouse in Ukraine; to consolidate small shipments we use our warehouses: for Italy — the warehouse in Pordenone, for the rest of Europe — the warehouse in Germany, for the U.S. — the warehouse in New York.

We specialize in delivery of furniture and interior items from the following countries: Germany, Italy, England, Belgium, Holland, Spain, Switzerland, France, Czech Republic.

Warehouses in Germany and Italy provide the following services:

  • Immediate bringing of goods from factories all over Europe;
  • Goods storage;
  • Full customs clearance;
  • Consolidation of cargoes in one vehicle for sending from Europe to Ukraine.

We are responsible for the safety of cargo during the entire process of delivery and careful handling during loading and unloading operations.

Regular weekly supplies ensure minimum terms of delivery to Ukraine. . The standard delivery term from Europe is 5-7 days, and for overtime goods, we arrange express delivery within 3 days.

Since 2013, we are actively developing a new direction — delivery of furniture and interior items from the USA. Currently we deliver full containers directly from your senders in the U.S. as well as groupage containers with the consolidation of small batches of goods at the warehouse in New York. The marine transportation is carried out via ports in Germany (Hamburg and Bremerhaven), which is 20 days faster as compared with the delivery via Odessa.

Please contact our experts by phone or schedule an appointment to specify the terms and the most advantageous cooperation scheme giving the specific features of your business.

We guarantee optimal prices and the best delivery terms.

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