Customs broker in Ukraine is an organization that under the contract concluded with a client has the right to perform actions related to the customs procedures, concerning the goods and transport facilities of commercial purposes on behalf of the client in the customs bodies of Ukraine.

IMPORT SERVICE GROUP provides customs and broker services under the license of the State Customs Service of Ukraine, having the liability insurance of customs broker.

Since 2001, we have been engaged in customs clearance and have accumulated vast experience in clearance of goods of a wide range in different customs regimes with a focus on import.

Currently, we carry out customs clearance at all Customs Clearance Departments in Kyiv, Kyiv region, courier services and the Boryspil airport. The main area of registration is Kyiv. With our partners, we also provide the customs broker services in Chop and Uzhgorod.

Benefits of customs clearance with us:

  • An integrated approach to the process of customs clearance as one of the elements of import supply in general;
  • Each clearance of our clients is carried out by at least two people: supply manager and customs broker. Supply manager is preparing and coordinating the documents required for customs clearance, and customs broker focuses at the registration of goods at customs;
  • Customs clearance 7 days a week;
  • 100% electronic declaration — which is much faster and more convenient than the paper one;
  • Electronic document flow — forget about the need to photocopy paper for each clearance and the need to transfer them to customs broker;
  • Our offices are located directly at customs terminals.

Eventually, all this enables us to carry out fast customs clearance of goods without the risks of delays and additional costs.

IMPORT SERVICE GROUP — your reliable customs broker!

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