Our services:

  • Accreditation/reaccreditation at customs;
  • Customs clearance in Kyiv;
  • Customs clearance in Kyiv region and the Boryspil airport;
  • Clearance in Chop and Uzhgorod;
  • Import clearance for our importer company.
Customs clearance of goods in Ukraine is an integrated procedure with a variety of subtleties in the legislation and the process of registration.

Experience shows that the Ukrainian customs is not a place for trial and experimentation. If you value your time, nerves and money, it makes sense to address to customs clearance experts - customs brokers.

Our advantage is that we approach the process of customs clearance кas one of the elements of foreign economic supply in general. We take into account all the nuances of shipping and commercial clearance documents and coordinate them before the loading date, for the customs broker to have all the necessary information for clearance at the time of crossing the border.

Such approach enables us to avoid delays during cargo transit and to prepare the documents for quick customs clearance without downtime or additional costs in an optimum manner.

IMPORT SERVICE GROUP provides customs clearance of cargo of a wide range in the shortest time every day. This means:

  • 100% electronic declaration;
  • 94% of cargo being processed in a single day;
  • 76% of cargo being processed within four hours.

Rid yourself of difficulties, delays and incremental costs at customs. Please contact us in advance!

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