Accreditation at customs is a prerequisite for the implementation of foreign economic operations, in turn, foreign economic operations with services are monitored by tax authorities and do not require accreditation at customs. Posting to the accounts can be performed by company/sole proprietor, both independently and by customs broker under the contract.

 Under the accreditation of the company/sole proprietor a registration card is issued and an account number is assigned which is valid throughout the territory of Ukraine and cannot be assigned to another person. The accreditation procedure in customs  s established by the Order of Ministry of Finance of Ukraine from 30.05.12 № 634 “On establishing the procedure of registration of persons engaged in transactions with goods”.

Basically, the accreditation process is understandable and there are no particular difficulties, but experts of the "Import Service Group Company" know the other side of the coin, too. Because in fact, the accreditation is a scrupulous process of preparing documents and filling out the registration card in which the beginners are rarely succeed from the first time. 

We offer the Accreditation at customs service, which includes:

  • Negotiation with the client and preparation of the necessary package of documents;
  • Filling out the registration card;
  • Issuing the registration card at customs within 2 hours. 

Contact us to save yourself from the nuances of accreditation and wasting time in the queue for clearance. You only need to provide us with necessary documents and affix a signature and a seal on the registration card filled out by us. The accreditation at customs itself will be carried out within 2 hours, and the full package of documents will be delivered to your office.

ou can find the detailed description of the accreditation/reaccreditation procedure here.

For more detailed consultation of customs broker regarding accreditation at customs, please contact our experts by phone or schedule an appointment.

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